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Scintillating spring flower

Hyacinthus is a true spring flower. As a cut flower, Hyacinthus is particularly suited to mixed bouquets with other spring flowers such as tulips, irises, anemones, or narcissi. Perhaps surprisingly, Hyacinthus is also a beautiful addition to bridal bouquets. The loose flowers can be glued in a bouquet or threaded onto copper wire to make a playful garland. Hyacinthus is also widely sold as a bulb and included in arrangements. Usually the bulb contains enough nutrients and moisture to blossom without needing any water. In addition to white and blue, Hyacinthus is available in yellow, salmon, fuchsia, pink, red, and deep purple. The flower represents power, dedication, and peace, and it took a prominent role in the decorations for the wedding of the Netherlands’ King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, as well as in the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet.

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