FDF and G-fresh plans for IPM Essen 2019

The team from FDF arrived for discussions with G-Fresh to plan for the 3 demonstrations by the Floral Fundamentals family in Green City at IPM Essen, Germany. The theme will be Weddings and there will be different theatrical demonstrations each day! The international line up on stage is really exciting with Hans Zijlstra (The Netherlands), Frédéric Dupré (France), Ahti Lyra (Estonia), Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson (Sweden), Hanneke Frankema (The Netherlands) and Tomasz Max Kuczyński (Poland). The…


New Lisianthus

Van der Lugt Lisianthus launched their latest flower, Lisianthus ‘Megalo Shosha’ Champagne at the Aalsmeer trade fair. Hanneke Frankema was on hand to ‘christen’ the flowers in champagne! It looks like another winner in pink with cream outer petals - visitors loved it and it’s bound to be a winner! Available later this year.


A dream come true wedding…

When you are a florist and you marry…another florist, who does your flowers? In the case of Dominique & Jürgen Herold a team of some of the most talented florists in the world arrived to help them make their floral dream wedding a reality.


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