NEW! Lily Harmoni from Qualily

New in the assortment of Qualily; Lily Harmoni. The white up facing lily is bigger then you have ever seen! With a size of 18 cm when closed you will be blown away when it opens. With a regular length of 100cm great to put in grand floral design. Up on request you can order up to 130 cm if needed!

At the moment it will be a limited availability. Next year more flowers will be produced.

We can only say Wow!

You can order them easily from G-fresh webshop fresh from the greenhouse


Back in production! Carnations from Mediaverdi

On our webshop you will find a nice assortment of new and exclusive carnations from Mediaverdi


Back in our assortment! Lily Corleone

Back in the assortment of Qualily! Lily Corleone. This stunning red lily will be available all year. With up facing flowers Corleone is perfect for all arrangements!


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