W.F. Leenen

W F Leenen are global innovators in terms of the cultivation and supply of sensational Narcissus - they have even been awarded the title of ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year’! They are literally experts in their field and offer a diverse and exciting range of cut Narcissus. Many of their varieties prove to be real eye-openers as WF Leenen are rightly known for their production of exciting and beautiful forms. The very nature of the diversity of their flowers offers florists the opportunity to introduce new types to their customers. The blooms range from white through cream, lemon, yellow and even into peach/orange. The company offers a huge choice not only in terms of colour but in flower head size too. The availability is longer than consumers realise as Narcissus bloom from autumn through to spring and they will brighten up the darkest of days with the feel-good factor.

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