Vreeken Bouvardia

Vreeken Bouvardia is a genuine example of a family firm with growing experience stretching back four generations, and a leading grower of Bouvardia. With all our years of experience, knowledge and drive we produce reliable Bouvardias all year round that are shipped to our satisfied customers from three sites every day.
Towards the end of 2015 the nursery will be expanded to cover 5 hectares. From the start of 2016 we will be able to supply 6 different varieties of Bouvardia, grown sustainably where possible.


The Bouvardia originates in sub-tropical zones of North and Central America, with most cultivars being found in Mexico. The Bouvardia is a ‘short day’ plant. This means that the flowers develop when there is less than 12 hours’ light. By artificially altering the length of the day by either making conditions darker or lighter it is possible to obtain regular production throughout the year.

Long-Lasting Quality

Our Bouvardias are grown traditionally, as a shrub. In this way the plants can grow at their own speed, using all their energy to make a strong stem with nice, large umbels.
We are proud of our Bouvardias and do everything we can to optimise their quality. Vreeken Bouvardia stands out from the rest with top-quality Bouvardias that keep well, and with reliable service. Independent vase tests even prove that our plants have a vase life of 14 days. The fortnightly test results are available from us on request.

Sustainable & Innovative

Vreeken Bouvardia is a member of Milieu Project Sierteelt and is MPS A certified. Where possible we use organic plant protection and recycle the water used for irrigation. That is good for the environment. In addition, we are always on the lookout for new, sustainable developments that can be used in our nursery.

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