Van den Berg Roses

The van den Berg family runs the nursery since 1900. Initially the roses were grown outside, but gradually the roses were moved under flat glass frames, and then into primitive greenhouses. The greenhouses were eventually heated.

In 1972, brothers Mathijs and Martien van den Berg took over their father’s business, which was established in Oude Leede. After growing vegetables for a couple of years, they started cultivating roses in 1975. First they mainly grew sweetheart varieties. The roses were grown in the ground, resulting in a very low production in winter. In 1981, the business moved to Delfgauw and rapidly developed.

In 1985 they acquired another nursery and started growing the roses on rock wool. In 1987 they installed special lamps above the roses to increase winter production.

In 1991 Mathijs’s son, Arie, graduated and they bought their second nursery. This time at the Kooltuin.

In ’99 we bought another plot on the other side of Delfgauw. We build this project in 3 fases. At the moment Van den Berg Roses Holland is 120.000 m²

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