Gebr. Bac

The company

Our company “V. O. F. Gebroeders Bac’’ is a market garden, located in Moerkapelle on which 19,600 M2 cymbidiums. In the beginning of 2007 another greenhouse has been purchased of 22,000 M2. On this location cymbidiums will be grown as well.


The cymbidiums are cultivatied at the plantation on herenweg 41, 43 and 45 at Moerkapelle. The 3 locations counts a total surface of 4.2 hectares. There are near 100 different cymbidiums bred. Of the 12 months per year are there 3 months in which the cymbidiumplant blossoms. We breed therefore the cymbidiumplants in different of each other closed divisions. Because of this we are able to deliver the whole year. Under the header “products”, you can look for all of our different product. You can select the periode when it blossom. The cybidiums are mixed packs mostly, means this 5 a 6 different colors per mixtbox (green, yellow, pink, white, brown, red). Next to mixtboxes we cultivate also boxes with 1 specie of cymbidium. The making of a good ‘mixed box’ during the entire season is our goal.

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