Beyond Chrysant

The company Beyond Chrysant

Brothers Wouter and Martijn Duijvesteijn already owned a chrysanthemum nursery in Naaldwijk, a family business that has always cultivated chrysanthemums. In 2008 Wouter and Martijn decided to join forces with their uncle, Paul van Kester. They had a farm at the Dwarshaak in Hoek van Holland. At Hoek van Holland there was the ability to purchase additional land, so that a company with a large scale could be realized: over 6.5 hectares. This makes Beyond one of the largest chrysanthemum farms in the Netherlands.

Efficiency is needed during the growing process to monitor and to make profitable investments that guarantee a high quality product. The emphasis on quality is important.

Our Vision

Beyond wants to distinguish itself mainly on quality. The advantage of a new company is that no concessions to quality need to be made. All aspects of the business are chosen to optimize the quality of the production process.

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