Arend Roses

Dutch expertise and quality since 1976
Arend Roses has been a leading Dutch rose grower with an excellent reputation for many years now. In 1976 Nico van der Arend started as Rozenkwekerij Van der Arend in the town of Monster, South Holland, out of his pure love of roses. After four years, the company continued in Maasdijk. Nowadays, Arend roses are grown on fifteen hectares, spread between three locations: two in the Municipality of Westland and one in Almere. With three branches, Arend Roses is one of the larger rose growers in the Netherlands.

Highest certificates in environmentally friendly growing
As a company, Arend Roses is making considerable investments in new technologies and sustainability, in order to be able to supply as green a product as possible. Arend Roses is allowed to supply the MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-Quality certificates. In other words, the company works in a transparent manner, paying the highest possible attention to environmental, hygiene-related and quality-related aspects. Thereby providing consumers with the guarantee that our roses are grown in as environmentally friendly way as possible.

There’s nothing better than people who appreciate roses
At Arend Roses, we combine the latest technologies with employees who truly appreciate roses. To create a perfect uniformity in terms of maturity of the bud, the roses are pruned twice a day, seven days a week. This is still traditionally done by hand. The roses are placed in water straight away and arrive in the cold storage room within half an hour. In the processing area, specialist employees carry out a quality control on each (!) rose. Only roses that meet the quality requirements set by us are bunched by the bunching machines. Our quality requirements are considerably higher than the requirements set by the flower auctions.

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