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Cheerful spring flower

The tulip is seen throughout the world as a typically Dutch flower, even though it originates from Turkey. Tulips absorb massive amounts of water in a brief period and are therefore particularly suited to being displayed in a vase. A generously-sized vase with a number of loose bunches of tulips creates a beautiful effect, whether the tulips are all the same colour or of different colours mixed together. Tulips are also well-suited to being combined with other spring flowers, such as Ranunculus, Anemone, Iris, and Fritillaria. Whether brightly coloured or pastel-coloured, tulips are always beautiful. Tulips are actually spring flowers, but certain colours are available year-round. Starting in October, high-quality tulips are available in a range of colours, including double tulips and flamed tulips. More and more often, bulb tulips are being included in arrangements, such as in between sturdy sticks in a beautiful pot, hanging in front of a window, or laying in a bowl. After a single day they will already have gotten visibly taller, which gives the arrangement a playful effect.

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