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Plumes, umbels, berries…

The number of flowers and plants that can be used in floral creations is vast. So much so that we are forced to place about a dozen of them in the group ‘Miscellaneous’. Not because they are less beautiful than the rest, but rather because they stand out on account of their inflorescence or their capacity as conspicuous ‘fillers’. Think of Actaea with its tiny racemes and berries, of Daucus with its magnificent umbellar flowers on long, hairy and leafless stems. Or think of such lovely summer flowers as Scabiosa, Helenium and Astrantia, and of Asclepias with its bright flowers and lanceolate leaves which grow decussate round the stem. And how about Euphorbia with its large umbels (up to 30 centimetres in diameter), Mentha and Origanum with their spicy odours, Ilex with its decorative bare branches and bright-red berries, or the exotic Strelitzia. All of them top-class!

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