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Sweet and trendy

Freesia, an old-fashioned flower? On the contrary! Now that it is available almost all year round in a host of colours and colour combinations, and in single- and double-flowered varieties, Freesia has once again become a popular and favoured flower. Representing values such as faith and innocence, Freesia has long been regarded as a must-have in any bridal bouquet. Today, however, this sweet-looking flower can be used in many more ways, e.g. in all kinds of seasonal creations and even in funeral arrangements. And how about a trendy mini-bouquet consisting of several freesia stalks in a small pot or vase?! Quite a versatile flower indeed, and one that is capable of delightfully perfuming its surroundings at that.

Tip: Freesia’s are extremely susceptible to ethylene gas, so keep away from fruit.

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