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Fresh and romantic

Dianthus, or carnation, has made a come-back! Today, this hot and happening flower is available in nearly all the colours of the rainbow, from fluorescent yellow to deep purple, with round, serrated, or fringed flower edges. Spray carnations enjoy a similar (new) popularity. Dianthus is also a very versatile flower, with a very long life at that. This fresh-looking and romantic little flower goes well with almost every type of arrangement, from bouquets to floral objects, be they modern and austere, colourful and trendy, or modest and classical in style. So why not combine this lovely flower with a will! Additional advantage: Dianthuses are less prone to dehydrate than most flowers. It is best to store them in clean water and avoid having any leaves dangling in the water. Otherwise it may get clouded and start to reek.

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