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Delicate and elegant

The name Aster comes from the Greek word astron, meaning ‘star’. The flower got its name because of its star-shaped petals. In the past, Aster was only available in autumn, but these days this tender cut flower can brighten days throughout the year. Asters make a glorious addition to hand-tied bouquets in combination with summer or spring flowers. The most well-known are the purple and white varieties, but these days Aster is available in a range of colours. Aster can also be easily arranged on floral foam, but it looks best in light, airy arrangements. With its subtle radiance, this delicate cut flower adds a bit of extra distinction to an arrangement. They may look frail, but Asters have quite a long shelf life. G-fresh’s freshness guarantee – ‘Direct from the grower to the customer’ – contributes to this.

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