Walter Grootscholten

Walter Grootscholten Orchids is a modern nursery in De Lier, the Netherlands, who supplies a wide range of top quality cut-Phalaenopsis year round in the Netherlands and around the world. Walter is the sixth generation of the growers’ family Grootscholten. In 1972, his father Jan Grootscholten, began cultivating cut-Phalaenopsis. Between 1972 and 1992 the nursery has expanded from 500m2 to 4,500 m2.

After Walter took over the company in 1992, it grew to a serious 12,600 m2 in 2006. He works with a team of ten dedicated employees to achieve a high quality and a constant supply of fresh cut-Phalaenopsis. This is achieved thanks to the latest technology to assure a year round supply.

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