Borst bloembollen

The Tulip season is coming up!!…….

Again this year, Borst Bloembollen (Flower Bulbs) in Obdam, will be growing more than a hundred stunning varieties for you on a surface of 16 hectares. Outstanding quality, a wide product range, a distinctive presentation and the highest reliability are amongst the strengths of Borst Flower Bulbs.
The passion for flowers and customer satisfaction are the biggest motivation for Borst Flower Bulbs to grow the best tulips and that’s why they share the vision of G-Fresh, to deliver the flowers as fresh and quickly as possible to the customer.

Borst Flower Bulbs takes one step further and invests a lot of money to ensure a longer vase life for their tulips. For the season 2011/2012 Borst Flower Bulbs will be using, as the only Dutch grower, Chrysal BVB plus, making you even more appreciate their tulips.

The advantages of Chrysal BVB Plus are:

  • Straight stems
  • No excessive growth
  • Bunches stay small
  • Leaves remain green for a longer time
  • Vase life is extended by 2 days

By these additional investments Borst Flower Bulbs will continue to distinguish from other growers and thus increase its lead. We are very proud to be able to add this leading grower to our G-Fresh growers.

Borst Tulips, your guarantee for pure emotion!

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