“Write a little piece on the new rose from van Berg roses will you”?

Piet van Kampen (my well respected boss) asked me this morning.
So here i was looking for information on Facebook on the new buttercup rose.
And there she was! A beautifull refined rose.. not exactly yellow but a creamy color, very sophisticated.
That combined with a bit of an english garden rose. I’m very impressed!

And there.. below the picture of the beautiful buttercup roses in the message it says:

“The buttercup is just one of the new roses at nursery van den Berg”.

There is more? I need to know more! What new species?

So i called Loek from van den Berg Roses and asked.. Where is the rest? I need names, photos, i want it all!

He kinda laughed at me and said van den Berg roses will bring the new species out one by one to the public in the upcoming weeks. The buttercup was just the first one! The next one would come out next week but he was willing to give me a preview!
Is it a rose? Or is it a?..

It IS a rose called Red Eye
What an intriguing and exiting flower! There might be a bright future for the Red Eye in the flower design world. The vaselife of the Red Eye is up 16 days! If you want to enjoy this extraordinairy flower you do have to make sure its availability because it is limited!

And more to come in the upcoming weeks from van den Berg roses!
The Buttercup and the Red Eye are now available in the G-fresh webshop!

Mariska de Blanken