Grower of the week! Santini grower de Landscheiding

Grower of the week! Santini grower de Landscheiding

The landscheiding is a G-fresh certified grower so the FRESHEST FLOWERS ARE GUARANTEED! Order directly at the greenhouse and have them IN YOUR SHOP TOMORROW!

This week we visit the greenhouses of this SANTINI GROWER EXRAORDINAIRE! The Sanitni might be one of the most versatile flowers we know!

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The Landscheiding has a year-round production of a lot of different varieties of Chrysanthemum Santini. They are the exclusive supplier of the Calimero breed, a smaller version of the normal Santini and the Fleurelle,the biggest available size. To suit every sort of flower arrangement!

This specialised nursery exists since 1989 and is known for it’s superb quality. They only harvest the Santini when they have the right maturity stage, because of this you can use 100% of your ordered flowers!