Grower of the week! Nursery de Googh

The Grower of the week at G-Fresh is De Googh. Nursery de Googh is real family farm and grows year round different products, like tulips, Matthiola and Euphorbia.

Two weeks ago we visited the grower too watch the hole process of growing those beautiful flowers.

At the moment they have only tulips and Matthiola inca, in a few weeks the production will start with growing; euphorbia.

The Matthiola incana, also kown as hoary stock, are available in three different colors. The season just started until the end of June.
The start was slower than normal, mainly because of the weather that wasn’t ideal for the flowers.
Several growers had the same problems the last view weeks.
The flowers are scented and gives your floral arrangement a great summer feeling! You can select /order/ pick the Matthiola directly from the greenhouse in the G-Fresh shop.

Euphorbia fulgens is part of the genus Euphorbia who has more than 1600 pieces. Other common plants from this genus are the Poinsettia. The genus was named Euphoriba after Euphorbes, the personal physician to the Numidian King Juba II.

Nursery the Googh is offering different colors and sizes. The categories are based on average length of the flower. The highseason for Euphorbia fulgens is from September until February and lowseason, wenn the offering is a little less, from April until August.