Grower of the week! Beyond Chrysanthemum

Grower of the week! Beyond Chrysanthemum

Real craftsmanship since 1938! Beyond Chrysanthemum grower of the week.

Chrysanthemum is one of the oldest grown flower in the Europa and still suitable for every occasion.
Beyond is a family farm with more than 75 years of experience in growing Chrysanthemum. The company combine craftsmanship with modern technology.
At the moment the company is owned by 2 brothers and their uncle. The Chrysanthemum are grown in greenhouses on two locations in Holland, in total they have 9 ha production.

They even developed their own supply chain guarantee. This stands for:
• cultivated in our own growing substrate
• cuttings 100% from our own stock
• grown with extra light
• picked and graded by hand
• checked several times for quality, including post-harvest keeping quality
• cooled immediately after packaging
• delivered quickly in any requested packaging
• transported under refrigerated conditions until they reach the final customer!

For the company the vase life of their product is very important. They tried their flowers with extra care so the final customer can enough the product as much as possible. To achieve this they work together with their customers.

The greenhouses of Beyond are always open for visitors who want to see it with their own eyes!