Grower of the week! Mooij Tulips

Grower of the week! Mooij Tulips

Mooij Tulips is based in Limmen, in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.
From here we apply ourselves to the forced cultivation of various species of tulips from the Netherlands and the southern hemisphere.


Our tulips are grown in 3 different climates and locations. The tulips grown are intended for our own forcing programme.
The earliest October and November tulips are cultivated on the southern hemisphere, then in Zeeland and after that in Warmenhuizen.
All our tulips are grown on a contract basis.

Forced cultivation

Forced cultivation takes place from late October through the end of April.
During these months approximately 7 million tulips are grown.
The tulips are planted in potting compost in September and October and are then placed in the cold store.
After a sufficient number of cold weeks they are transferred to the greenhouse where they grow into fully fledged plants.
Our choice of assortment is oriented towards bulky and exclusive flowers. The main varieties are Orange Princess, Prinses Irene, Red Princess, Antarctica and Orange Rococo.

In the webshop this week a special offer of Tulip Prinses Irene and Tulip Rococo!