G-fresh at IPM (Essen Germany)

G-fresh at IPM (Essen Germany)

26 until 29 january G-Fresh will return to IPM in a remarkable and inspirational way. We are sponsoring no less than three different stage shows in the Event Centre where we also have a special G-Fresh booth next to the stage area where demonstrations will be ongoing.

The Event Centre is located in the basement of Hall 1A, where all the flower arrangers and florists are. We have organised these shows together with FDF, the German Florist Association and look forward to meeting you at our booth at IPM!

On Wednesday 27 January from 11.00 – 12.00 hrs: International Teachers of Floristry
No less than 12 internationally renowned floral teachers will demonstrate on stage. This show will be hosted by none other than the legendary Gregor Lersch!
The participating Teachers are:

Kazumasa Kubo - Japan
Sylvia Serva - Guadeloupe
Jacqueline Boerma - Netherlands
Berit Skjottgaard-Laursen - Denmark
Tina Parkes - England
Didier Gilles - France
Rudy Casati - Italy
Andreea Stör - Romania
Marina Bulatova - Russia
Rosa Bofill - Spain
Elena Butko - Ukraine
Olga Banis - Belarus

On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January from 14:00 – 15:00 hrs: FDF and G-Fresh present!
During these shows five international Top Designers will demonstrate their latest skills on stage.
They will inform you about the latest techniques and trends in floristry.
The participating designers are:

Ulviya Akhmedova - Russia
Carles Fontanillas - Spain
Nicu Bocancea - Romania
Stijn Simaeys - Belgium
Pirjo Koppi - Finland