Nursery Zijdezicht is a glasshouse horticulture business specialising in the cultivation of asters and chrysanthemums.

At 3 locations totalling an area of 71,000 m2 we apply the latest technology to ensure the best possible quality of flowers imposing the least possible burden on the environment. For example, we use CHP installations for the optimum utilisation of the energy needed for heat, light and CO2. The other CO2 needed is obtained from OCAP, which supplies residual CO2 from Shell through a network of pipelines, so the CO2 does not end up in the environment. Kwekerij Zijdezicht participates in MPS – Milieu Project Siergewassen (an environmental ornamental plants project). MPS helps us implement a sustainable policy in our company.


Kwekerij Zijdezicht was formed in 2002 when Ron van Oosten and John Krijger decided to join hands. Prior to this collaboration both had been active in the aster and chrysanthemum cultivation for over a decade. However, in order to enable the optimum operation of their business the two agreed that a larger glasshouse area facilitating the economies of scale necessary for sound future prospects, was essential. In 2002 an entirely new 22,000 m2 glasshouse was built at the Oostlaan in De Lier to be used in combination with the existing 11,000 m2 location at the Laan van Adrichem in De Lier for the cultivation of various species of asters and chrysanthemums. In 2005 the Laan van Adrichem location was replaced by a modern 20,000 m2 glasshouse at the Groeneweg in ‘s-Gravenzande. In 2009 the third location with an area of 29,000 m2 was purchased at the Gildeland in De Lier. In this way sufficient space was created for the cultivation of a wide assortment of asters and chrysanthemums. We decided to join Zentoo as from 2011. This means that our chrysanthemums will be supplied under the Zentoo quality mark.

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