Pieter Kolk

Pieter Kolk nursery is a company which is specialised in growing cut Hydrangea’s.This relatively new breeding brings a lot of challenges that is why we say:

‘The Chameleon Hydrangea is our Challenge’

In finishing my bachelor education, I wrote my asseignmentreport about the Hydrangea. After that the step to start a hydrangea nursery was predictable, so we started to introduce the cut hydrangea in my father’s nursery in 1996.
In 1998 the nursery at the Oosteinderweg was bought and used for growing cut hydrangeas at 15000 m3.

We grow hydrangea flowers in many species, colours and appearance forms.
In May we start to harvest the straight colours (white, red, bleu and everything in between).
Later at the end of June, we start with the autumn colours.
The last straight colours are cut in November and the last autumn coloured in December

We are MPS A certificated, which means we grow with environmental responsibility.

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