Meewisse Roses

Rosa Red Noami

The founder of the company, Aad Meewisse, was born and bred in the horticulture. His father was a vegetable grower. However Aad decided to start growing roses in Bergschenhoek in 1981. Aad has always been interested in innovation and quality improvement and as result of that he was one of the horticulturist started growing roses on substrate. He was also one of the pioneers who started growing roses under assimilation lights in 1988. After twenty years he could sell his company and decided to proceed at another location in Bergschenhoek.

The latest techniques and innovations were used. This made it possible to improve the level of quality even more. The cultivar Grand Prix was planted and this decision proved to be a great success. These plants had produces top quality roses. After eight years this company was also sold and a new company was built. Aad’s son Tom Meewisse had graduated at the college of horticulture and joined his father in the company. Together they united there idea’s and established a business according to the latest views and most modern techniques. So top quality roses can be guaranteed for the coming years. Beside this more efficient use of fertilizers, energy and minimized the amount of waist. Also the working conditions were considerably improved.

‘Meewisse Roses’ mission is as follows: “Meewisse Roses guaranteed top quality roses.”

Contact: Tom Meewisse

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