Hogenboom Phloxen

Hogenboom is a family business established in 1941 by Jacobus Hogenboom. Jacobus was a dedicated grower of chrysanthemum.

Current owner Jeroen Hogenboom began to specialize in Phlox and cultivating a broad, high quality assortment since the year 2006. In the 2011 newly opened, 26000 square meter facility, flowers are cut daily with uniform quality and freshness to guarantee an optimal vase life. Vase life tests are part of the quality check of the cut Phlox at grower Hogenboom.

Through development and own refinement, new Phlox varieties have entered the market. 8 varieties are being cultivated of whom 5 through own refinement. Along well-known varieties Bright Eyes and Danielle, new varieties such as Crissy, Dynasty, Amy, Tracy and Galaxy are also available. The scoop of 2013, the Phlox Butterfly, is also available.

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