H&P Damen

Our business has started in 1995. Before that, we were already cultivating flowers for years as a hobby. Initially, the business started as a partnership consisting of my brother, our spouses and me. In 2008, my wife Annemieke and me took over the company from my brother and my sister-in-law, and carried on with joint forces.

At this moment, we are cultivating almost 7,5 acres of sunflowers. Our plants are: Scabiosa, Alchemilla and Helenium. In our greenhouse, we cultivate tulips on a small scale in winter months. After the tulips, we cultivate Hosta’s in our greenhouse, in order to pick their leaves. Next to the production of these flowers, we also work on refining the Scabiosa and Helenium-varieties.

By refining the Scabiosa, we have now created our own species: ‘Scabiosa Annabelle’. From refining the Helenium flower, we have also created a couple of our own species for the cut flowers and garden plants.

Our sales are primarily done via the auction of Flora Holland Aalsmeer. A small part of our sales are done via Naaldwijk, Eelde and Plantion (located in Ede). Since a short period of time, we have extended our sales via the G-Fresh system. We primarily take part, because we think that this particular procedure will be used more and more in the near future.

As a company, we try to make sure that we can offer a certain cultivar for at least a couple of weeks. This way, we make sure that our product is available for as long as possible for every florist.

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