Future Flowers

Grower of Calla Crystal Blush


We welcome Future Flowers to the G-fresh platform, they are a grower that produces the Calla Crystal Blush year-round. Coen and Eric Jansen do this together since 2001. Crystal Blush is a small headed white calla, very suitable for weddings and bouquet work. The flower distinguishes itself by elegance and style. They are always working to improve and innovate themselves to keep on producing the best quality product.

How they grow

They grow their calla on pots, so every flower is grown individually. In this way, the soil the Calla tuber is grown in, is always clean and guarantees a good quality product.
During winter the flowers are stimulated to grow with supplementary lighting to guarantee healthy and strong flowers.
Find them daily on the G-fresh platform, direct from the grower to you.

Offer of this grower