De Wit

G. de Wit & zn.’ Is a family company that already exists for over 40 years. It is a company that cultivates flowers and flower bulbs in the heart of the ‘Bollenstreek’, nearby the ‘Keukenhof’ in Lisse.
In the summertime, we put a lot of effort into the cultivating of flower bulbs, and the sales of daffodils and hyacinth bulbs. During wintertime, we tend to the cultivation of cut hyacinths.

We start with delivery of cut hyacinths, at Flora Holland Aalsmeer, in November, and the season ends for us at the beginning of May. Our main focus point is a good and heavy quality cut hyacinth. We are able to accomplish this by getting the bulbs mainly from our own horticulture. So we know what kind of nutrients and treatment the bulbs have got, and we are therefore able to monitor their quality.
The remainder of our purchases is a big sized bulb, which ensures a nice bundle of hyacinths.
We always buy from the same cultivators, who have been supplying us with high quality bulbs for years already.
Furthermore, we select and filter our bundles by taking out all the thin, ripe and small hyacinths, so that what is left, is a beautiful, heavy bundle of hyacinths.

For us, it is also important to cultivate a wide arrangement of hyacinths, in different colours.
Another important detail, is that the tenability of the cut hyacinth is lengthened by NOT cutting of the bottom. By leaving the bottom of the bulb attached, the hyacinth will store its nutrients longer, and therefore bloom longer and even more beautiful.

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