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Glorious elegance

This beautiful member of the orchid family is available in various sizes, countless colours, and remarkable varieties with spotted and striped flowers. Vanda also has a very long shelf life, easily lasting four weeks in a vase. Vanda is highly suited to inclusion in bridal bouquets and funeral arrangements. They do best when they are placed in tubes with water, but the flowers can also be glued individually into the arrangements. They do well in modern floral pieces as well, such as by placing a flower in a tube between beautiful branched constructions. With its long grey aerial roots, Vanda can survive on the moisture in the air. This means that it does not have to be potted, but it can be hung by itself or in a glass vase. The decorative roots can be beautifully combined in floral objects, and the entire plant also makes a beautiful addition to large floral pieces.

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