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Popular beauty

Lilium is a beautiful, dramatic flower which has been popular since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome. The lily represents peace, innocence, purity, and beauty. This glorious, popular cut flower is available in every imaginable colour; and these days there are also double-flowering and bicoloured varieties. The lily with its rich fragrance is perhaps the most popular flower next to the rose. It’s not only suited to funeral creations, but it also looks lovely if you place a few loose lilies in a vase. This works because of their long shelf life and because the flowers have so much volume. The lily can be combined beautifully with every other flower and in any type of arrangement, from bouquets to modern floral pieces. G-fresh guarantees lilies of the highest quality, uniform size, and always fresher than fresh.

Note: All members of the lily family are poisonous to cats.

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