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Beautiful pastel

The hortensia, or Hydrangea, is seeing a resurgence in popularity in modern flower arranging. In particular, the mophead and oakleaf types of Hydrangea are very popular in autumn arrangements and pieces. Hydrangea blossoms and petals are also beautiful in bridal bouquets and funeral arrangements. An entire dried Hydrangea head is also attractive in a pretty vase or worked into a wreath. The best way to do this is to let the Hydrangea sit in water while it is drying; this way it will maintain its colour better. Hydrangea is available in beautiful pastel colours like violet, pink, lilac, blue, green, white, and even in shades that are nearly red. These days there are also surprising double-blossoming Hydrangeas, called ‘You and me together’. They are absolute showpieces!

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