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Floral decoration

Floral greens – or ‘fillers’ as they are sometimes (somewhat) disrespectfully called – are important elements in most floral compositions. Not until a bouquet, or a funeral arrangement, or even an elegant wedding decoration is adorned with complementary floral greens does it reach its full splendour. G-fresh gives due consideration to this fact and that is exactly why several G-fresh growers cultivate a variety of plants the leaves of which can be beautifully arranged in floral creations. Just think of Hosta (broad and sturdy leaves) or Asparagus (very delicate and transparent green). Asparagus, for example, is ideal as a complementary material in both bridal and funeral bouquets, but can bring extra lustre to many a table bouquet as well.

Funny fact: at the Christmas season Asparagus setaceus is dyed in winter colours.

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