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Profligate flowerer

Somehow it doesn’t feel like winter or Christmas without amaryllis! This gracile and velvety-soft flowering bulb is available from September to March. The amaryllis, which is properly called Hippeastrum, makes a beautiful addition to round or sheaf bouquets. The flowering bulb is available in many varieties, with single or double flowers and large or small blossoms. In addition, new colours are being bred all the time. There are amaryllises which are such a dark red that they are almost black as well as bright green amaryllises. Moreover, the amaryllis’s hollow stem offers a range of possibilities – by placing 5-to-10-centimetre cuts in the stem in five places, it will curl up tightly in the water, creating an unusual effect. It is even possible to turn the beautiful flower upside down and pour water into the stem. The amaryllis’s shelf life in this case is just as long as if it were right side up: about fourteen days. It’s even possible to put another flower inside the hollow stem. Another beautiful option is to place a number of bulbs on a dish with a branch of wood, some moss, and perhaps some beads.

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