Flower grower Vlasveld Groentechnieken, short VGT, consists of 4 growers and is located in Boskoop since 1984. We are specialized in cultivating Skimmia Rubella and Hydrangrea flowers in 5 different varieties, Hypericum berries in two varieties and green Conifers in 30 varieties for Christmas. We aim to deliver the quality expected by our customers. We strive to deliver the highest quality and guaranteeing maximum vase life.

A great example is our Hydrangea Magical Revolution and per July 2015 the Hydrangea Magical Triumph(scarlet colored, firm and very durable). These two rich colored flowers will easily last three to four weeks in a vase. Our Skimmia Rubella flowers are specially cultivated which gives the flower a heavy and long stem. Through the specific cultivation process the flower has nicely grown, increasing the life span up to three weeks.

Our conifer assortment consists of 30 varieties that we harvest selectively. With each variety we decide the preferable length for our customer. The conifers are cleaned before inserted in plastic bags, benefitting pot life. All our Christmas conifers are packaged in a plastic bag. When put in the shade or in a dark cool store room under 4 degrees, the conifer will last for months.

From our locations in Boskoop we can daily distribute our goods to the flower auctions throughout the Netherlands.

Grower Vlasveld is MPS-A certified

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