Kwekerij Tonie

In 2011 summer flower grower Perry Snabel in one stroke increased the surface area of Kwekerij Tonie in Nieuwveen from 1.5 to 6 ha.

Perry: ” An extensive investment in a permanent greenhouse, in 4 rolling greenhouses, a screenhouse as well as abroad enable me to be active on the market throughout the year and carry a wider assortment and larger quantities.” On 1 January 2011 I took over the company from lily grower Panck van Leeuwen in Ter Aar, offering unique opportunities. This new location meets all my requirements and the Nieuwveen location will also remain in production. At these two locations we conduct different activities. In Nieuwveen we use 1.5 ha for the cultivation of the following crops: Solidago Tara, Campanula glomerata, Rudbeckia, Phlox, Trachelium, Limonium Ocean blue and Ohio blue.

In Ter Aar a third greenhouse is intended for lilies. Here you will find, inter alia, Robina, Siberia, Santander, Caroline Tensen, Sheila, Willeke Alberti and Lake Michigan. Besides lilies we also grow Green Trick during the winter. By supplying fine, compact balls of flowers throughout the year I am aiming to become a renowned supplier, and owing to the continuity this objective runs as a thread through our company.

I believe there will always be a market for quality and quantity. The rolling greenhouses are located beyond the permanent greenhouses, and beyond those you will find a screenhouse occupying the whole width of the area. The greenhouses are equipped with heating, lighting and movable screens. As the greenhouses can be moved, I can plant the lilies outdoors and cover them with a rolling greenhouse in the autumn, achieving a higher yield. There are 4 of these rolling greenhouses of 650 m2 each. During the summer they are used for Limonium and Statice.

In the screenhouse I can force an early growth of plants such as gentian and limonium, and with intense sunlight the screenhouse can be closed to protect the lilies. So we grow summer flowers here as well. All the people working here are true professionals and I still have time to visit buyers and go to the auction. The management aspect of sales has increased, which is why we also have a new website to enable buyers to view what we supply. The flowers go to the Rijnsburg, Rhein-Maas and Aalsmeer auctions. If required, I can also send a pricelist to buyers and supply mixed carts. 90% of the total production is still sold by auction, so the auction clock is still very important for me. You simply have to be present there to build a reputation.

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