Gebr Van Ruiten

The nursery of brothers Van Ruiten is a summer flower and plant nursery, located at the Heereweg at Lisse. The Van Ruiten company, founded in the late 60’s by brothers Ton and Kees van Ruiten, has grown to 10 hectares. The current generation has been leading the company for many years already. Cousins, Marco, Raymond and Barry van Ruiten jointly run the company.

The company has three production branches which are all compatible with one another. In the summer there are grown more than 2 million flowers. During winter, the company focuses on the breeding of more than 600,000 tulips in mobile greenhouses. Additionally, there are approximately half a million perennials grown for recreational and sales purposes.

The main crops are summer flowers Scabiosa caucasica “Staefa ‘, Phlox paniculata in div. Cultivars, Astrantia major in div. Campanula glomerata cultivars and also in several cultivars, including the beautiful lilac ‘Carolina’.

To cultivate our different crops, we use three mobile greenhouses. The mobile greenhouse is a typical greenhouse for the bulb growing region. This exceptional invention makes it possible to move the mobile greenhouses while the crops remain fixed in the ground.
With the mobile greenhouses we can grow flowers that cannot be cultivated in a fixed greenhouse throughout the year. The flowers are being grown outside before blooming in the greenhouse. There are three mobile greenhouses with a total size of 1600 square meters.

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