Dracaenakwekerij “De Plaats” B.V.

For more than 30 years, Dracaenakwekerij “De Plaats” BV has been working on the selection, propagation and production of Dracaena fr. Deremensis and Compacta on 14.000 m² greenhouses. 8.000 m² is dedicated to the production of unrooted cuttings intended for our own 9 and 12 cm potplant production and export of unrooted cuttings.

Since 2015, we have started to sell foliage from our Dracaena intended for floral designers, artists, projects and also as an eye-catching component in bouquets.

The product distinguishes itself due to its:
• Freshness, they are harvested on the day of delivery,
• Remarkable shape,
• Beautiful colours,
• Excellent durability. Placed in water, they have an almost unlimited shelf life and will grow roots after 5 weeks. On a stick, they will last for at least 2 weeks.

Our greenhouses are heated geothermally and our crop protection is solely executed by using green resources. These are the reasons why we have been rewarded the MPS-A+ certification.
Our Dracaena are cultivated Bee-friendly.

Please note:
• Do not keep in refrigarated areas
• This product is not available at the auction!