A dream come true wedding…

When you are a florist and you marry…another florist, who does your flowers? In the case of Dominique & Jürgen Herold a team of some of the most talented florists in the world arrived to help them make their floral dream wedding a reality.

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NEW! Lily Harmoni from Qualily

New in the assortment of Qualily; Lily Harmoni. The white up facing lily is bigger then you have ever seen! With a size of 18 cm when closed you will be blown away when it opens. With a regular length of 100cm great to put in grand floral design. Up on request you can order up to 130 cm if needed!

At the moment it will be a limited availability. Next year more flowers will be produced.

We can only say Wow!

You can order them easily from G-fresh webshop fresh from the greenhouse

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Back in production! Carnations from Mediaverdi

On our webshop you will find a nice assortment of new and exclusive carnations from Mediaverdi

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