New packing from Beyond Chrysanthemum

Beyond chrysanthemum is always working on innovation to deliver you the most fresh flowers possible.
This month Beyond introduced a new small box called AA mini (p112). The AA mini contains 160 stems of spray chrysanthemum.
The box carries the Beyond quality label, this stands for; carefully packed at the nursery and pre-cooled directly after packing.
The pre-cooling of chrysanthemums is a process that will lengthen the vase life of the flowers for weeks!
For only €0,01 extra per stem…

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“Write a little piece on the new rose from van Berg roses will you”?

Piet van Kampen (my well respected boss) asked me this morning.
So here i was looking for information on Facebook on the new buttercup rose.
And there she was! A beautifull refined rose.. not exactly yellow but a creamy color, very sophisticated.
That combined with a bit of an english garden rose. I’m very impressed!

And there.. below the picture of the beautiful buttercup roses in the message it says:


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Grower of the week! Santini grower de Landscheiding

The landscheiding is a G-fresh certified grower so the FRESHEST FLOWERS ARE GUARANTEED! Order directly at the greenhouse and have them IN YOUR SHOP TOMORROW!

This week we visit the greenhouses of this SANTINI GROWER EXRAORDINAIRE! The Sanitni might be one of the most versatile flowers we know!

>> Order your Santini’s here <<

The Landscheiding has a year-round production of a lot of different…

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