Grower of the week! Nursery de Googh

The Grower of the week at G-Fresh is De Googh. Nursery de Googh is real family farm and grows year round different products, like tulips, Matthiola and Euphorbia.

Two weeks ago we visited the grower too watch the hole process of growing those beautiful flowers.

At the moment they have only tulips and Matthiola inca, in a few weeks the production will start with growing; euphorbia.

The Matthiola incana, also kown as hoary stock, are available in three different colors. The season…

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Grower of the week Van der Lugt Lisianthus.

Did you know that the Lisianthus is the most sold flower in the category seeds flowers?

With more than 15 years of experience in growing Lisianthus and using the right tools, makes them one of the best growers of the world. Lisianthus isn’t easy at all to grow .
G-fresh grower van der Lugt is the biggest Lisianthus grower in the world. The company has already for more than 15 years of experience in growing Lisianthus. What makes them one of the best lisianthus growers in the world…

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Grower of the week! Klaas Joren Lilacs

The people in Holland named him as the ´Lilac Specialist´. And he is definitely a specialised for a long time!
Klaas Joren founded in 1890 and from origin they were growing plants and lilacs. Because of the competition in the plants business they were focussing on Lilacs only.
At the moment they are having 16 (!!!) varieties of this special cut flower and from every variety they have between the 20 – 5000 shrubs. The main colours are in the spectrum of white, lila and pink. The…

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