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Order your daily fresh flowers online. Delivery in 1 week day. Ultra fresh.


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Daily 100% guaranteed fresh flowers through our supplier network.

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Flowers directly from the nursery! 100% fresh!

G-fresh is THE source for wholesalers and their customers, the florists. Order your flowers directly from the grower.

G-fresh works in close collaboration with its growers in this new and unique online concept. G-fresh aims to deliver the freshest possible flowers to you at the lowest possible costs. By ordering directly from the grower your flowers will be 3 days fresher on arrival than flowers ordered through the traditional channels. Every day our G-fresh growers offer their harvest of the next day in our web shop. Naturally all flowers are grown applying environmentally friendly methods!

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Why buy flowers at G-fresh?

  • Lowest cost
  • Flowers with harvest date
  • MPS certified
  • On average 3 days fresher
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Hall of Fame

Discover what some well-known and famous arrangers have created with our G-fresh flowers in our ‘Hall of Fame’.

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